Church Fundraiser Program





One of the ways Power Bible could assist your church or ministry is through the Power Bible Church Fundraiser Program.  Depending on the amount sold, we will send a percentage back to the church!  So take advantage of this great opportunity to share a solid resource and earn financial support.


How it is done


1.      Fundraiser Account

Sign up to participate in the Green Egg Media fundraiser program.  To obtain a Church Application Package, call 949-756-0600 or send email to  When you complete the application, sign it, and return it by email or by fax 949-756-0603.  We will contact you when your application is approved.


 2.      Order Placement

Distribute Order Forms to interested church members.  Collect payments and completed Order Forms from members interested in purchasing the Power Bible.  After your church is ready to place the entire order:

  • Contact our sales rep at 949-756-0600.
  • Email the Order Forms to, or fax the Order Forms to 949-756-0603.
  • Forward the paid order forms to Green Egg Media.
  • We will arrange the Power Bible shipments to your church.

 3.      Discounts

Volume discounts are based on net purchases in a calendar year.  When a discount threshold is reached, you will maintain that discount for the remainder of the calendar year.  If your purchases do not meet that threshold at the end of the following year, your discount will be adjusted to the appropriate discount at that time.  Discounts are computed based off the MSRP list price.  The following are discounts for various volume levels.


Discount          Volume Threshold

10%                 10-25 Book Sets

15%                 26-50 Book Sets

20%                 51-75 Book Sets

25%                 76-100 Book Sets

30%                 > 100 Book Sets


Note:  One book set equals 10 books.


Important Notices


Fundraiser Program

If your church participates in the Fundraiser Program, Green Egg Media will donate one entire Power Bible set to your church ($149.90 MSRP).


Terms and Conditions

We accept all major credit cards.  There is a 5 day hold on check payments.  Attach check payment to the Order Form.  Shipments will not be made until payment is received.  Payment must be in U.S. Dollars.  Prices are subject to change without notice.



Free Freight


Return Policy

All sales are final.  There are no cash refunds.  We will exchange products that are defective or damaged.  Any claims regarding shortages, defect, or damages must be reported within 30 days of the invoice date.  Multiple claims on a single order must be submitted at the same time for approval.  For returns, we will issue an RMA form and number.  Please call our office or email us at for an RMA number and form.