How to use the Power Bible

Power Bible Uses


Familiarizing your kids with the Bible


Due to the fun and easy-to-understand nature of the comic book, kids will be able to familiarize themselves with the stories and the characters of the Bible by simply reading through the Power Bible.  Whenever there is downtime at home, school, or church encourage your kids get into God’s word by having Power Bible as a resource.  Additionally, having the Power Bibles in ministry libraries or book shelves will give kids an easy access to learn Bible stories!


Power Tip:  Have a designated time during the day or week where your child could browse through the ministry library or book shelf and read a Bible-related material of their choice.


Having Positive Interactions with your kids


One way adults could positively interact with kids is through story times.    Reading to your kids could do wonders for them.  By spending time reading them the Power Bible, showing its pictures, and discussing the stories, parents, guardians, pastors, and educators could have positive interactions with their kids.  Additionally, these story times could be used for teaching Biblical stories and lessons, encouraging in-depth discussions and sharing, and building strong morals and good characteristics.


Power Tip:  Choose a story of the Bible and tell that story by acting it out with your kids.  Manipulate your vocals, create accents, add personality and use it to bring the stories alive in the child’s mind.


Nurturing a Healthy Habit in your kids


Old habits die hard!  Therefore it is imperative to build good and healthy habits in your kids.  Following the words of Psalm 1, one habit we should instill in the lives of our children is the habit of reading God’s word on a consistent basis.  The easy-to-read, attention-grabbing Power Bible could be used to cultivate a healthy bible reading habit in kids.  Since the Bible may be too difficult and intimidating for a child to build a habit on, help your kids to first get in to a habit of reading Bible stories consistently using the Power Bible.


Power Tip:  Have a designated time during the day where you and your child spend time getting into the God’s stories.  Although you don’t necessarily have to read with them, make sure you and your child are spending time reading scriptures or bible-related materials.     


Transitioning your kids into the Bible


The Power Bible is not a substitute for the Bible.  Instead, its ultimate goal is to help kids get into the actual word of God.  Although the contents of the Power Bible are comprehensive and solid, it cannot possibly replace the Holy Word of God.  However, it could help your child better transition into the Bible.  The vibrant images and the understandable dialogue of the Power Bible will familiarize your kids with Biblical characters, stories, and concepts and will help them embrace God’s truth.  This will make it easier for them to pick up the Bible.


Power Tip:  There is a Bible reference for every story covered in the Power Bible.  Before your child reads a Power Bible story, encourage them to spend a few moments looking up the reference in the Bible.  As a parent, pastor, and educator be sure to emphasize the importance of the Bible to your child.


Bottom Line


Our team has fact checked and researched to make sure the Power Bible is faithful to the truths of the Bible.  But it is not intended to be substitute for the Bible.  We have also exercised some artistic freedom, so if questions or interpretation issues arise, we encourage you to use this opportunity to engage your children and read the Bible together.  The Power Bible contains the truths of God’s Word in a fun-to-read format that kids will want to pick up again and again!