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Educate, Encourage, Inspire

It is extremely tough to be a kid today.

With all the gadgets and gizmos available and with technology changing so fast, most people can hardly keep up. Life in some ways has become easier and certainly more convenient.

But has it really changed for the better as a result of all the resources around us? Somehow, in all of this, childhood has become more complex, and many kids are caught under all this pressure.

Founder, Gary Kim, was thinking through this as he reflected on the world his own three children would grow up in. He looked back on his childhood and could not remember life being this complicated. Today, the world is filled with many distractions and uncertainty. The pace of life has sped up, pushing kids to grow up faster and deal with all kinds of pressure.

There is immense pressure in school. Aside from the increased level of competition, kids are often distracted and bombarded by media (TV, internet, movies, video games, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), making it a challenge for them to concentrate and learn.

There is immense pressure at home. Many kids today grow up in broken homes with broken relationships, often leaving them feeling lost, discouraged, and frustrated.

There is immense pressure among their peers. Making friends is already hard enough. Trying to fit in can be a daily struggle. Now, kids also have to deal with cyber bullying, the pressures of a certain body image, and a heightened sense of hate and violence.

With all these pressures and challenges, it is understandable why many kids struggle to have dreams and aspirations. We should not settle for a new generation of unfulfilled and uninspired children who are simply trying to survive.

What can we do to help?

With this in mind, Green Egg Media found its mission:

To EDUCATE, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE young hearts and minds.

We want to Educate kids because that is how we help them grow. Kids need to be equipped to face the challenges of life. We want to help kids be successful as they go out and learn to live in this world.

We want to Encourage kids because life is filled with struggles and failures. We want them to learn the lessons of stumbling down and finding the resilience to stand up and fight on.

We want to Inspire kids because every kid should have a dream to follow. We all have a purpose in life, and that is to please our Creator. God created everyone with special gifts so they can use each gift in an excellent way to glorify Him.

Our dream is to Educate, Encourage, and Inspire the next generation of parents and leaders, so that they may continue to do the same for the future generations to come.

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